Sunday, 25 May 2014

Flawed by Kate Avelynn

Such a good book, could not put it down, just wanted to read and read and read.

Kate Avelynn has successfully described a dark, brutal and mysterious world for us to read. We follow Sarah on her journey through abuse, first love, betrayal, lies and peace. From the first page we are engaged with the story of a young girl who is abused by her father and a brother who is there to protect her. This idea is lovely in how we see the siblings stick together in terrible times, however throughout the book it gets darker and more complicated for Sarah as new events arise.

The overall plot to the story makes it a hard read, yet definitely worth reading because this means that Avelynn has done a great job to present to the reader this terrible world. 

An ending that blew me away. This is a book i seriously could not put down. Read it!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hostage Three by Nick Lake

In Nick Lake's book the main thing that i noticed was how the book was structured. It begins with a chapter on events that are yet to happen in the story that the main character, Amy, is telling us. Then there will be pauses that are suitable to add tension and drama to the plot, and the let the reader settle on what they have just read. I'm mentioning the structure because i found it really interesting in how it adds to the books quality and improves the reading experience.

In the plot of the book we follow Amy as she tells us the story of how she was a hostage to pirates. Throughout the book there is action, tension, suspicion and mystery, as well as the typical teenage drama. However don't let that put you off because Lake has approached it in a unique way and was not something i was expecting. By the end of the novel it had me filled with different emotions and overall i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

When the pirates are introduced Lake has included details about their life and how they have to survive and the past of their country. He has almost made these characters appear as the innocent ones  to make the reader feel sorry for them. 

Overall a great book to read with many details and some lovely life quotes. Was also enjoyable to follow Amy on this experience!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never is captivating and enjoyable. J.A. Redmerski has beautifully captured the joys of a new relationship and exciting possibilities.

The story follows Camryn and Andrew as they meet, grow in friendship and reveal their personality. We follow them through adventures and new experiences as they begin to find who they are. The structure presents the two character's perspective in the chapters, which really helps to gain more understanding of the character's opinions, actions and thoughts. 

This novel by Redmerski had me engaged throughout, i enjoyed reading every chapter! A beautiful story.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bitter Angel by Megan Hand

Very gripping novel that had me reading and reading and reading!

One thing that i noticed most about Megan Hand's book is how descriptive she has been! When reading i found it really easily to image what was happening in the moment because we are given little details to help build the image up in our minds. The description successfully made the book engaging and enjoyable to read.

At first i wasn't sure what to expect from the story, i thought maybe it would be a comparison of the two different realities throughout, which it turned out not to be. It begins like this but easily flows out into present time, which works nicely to not complicate things. Talking about description, i found that certain scenes in the book were hard to read because of the vividness of the image, which i'm saying is a good thing because Hand has done her job well to create this disturbing event.

The character, Lila, is very strong (which we read throughout the book) and had me rooting for her throughout her troubles. She is such an interesting and funny character to follow, it made the book that more enjoyable. Yes, in parts she may come across as a little foolish but i think that just shows her bravery and attitude to everything.

An engaging novel that kept me reading from start to finish. Another nice change from the usual books i read!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

He's After Me by Chris Higgins

A thrilling read from author Chris Higgins!

This story is about Anna. She meets a boy and they fall in love. They have amazing times together and everything is good. Yet beneath all this lies another story full of dark actions and obsessions.

Higgins has successfully captured the world from a young girls point of view. Although it is a quick read, we get to know the character, Anna, and get a feel for what her life is like before and after Jem enters. I like how sinister, mysterious and dark the novel turns into, and how i was just waiting for something dramatic to happen... which didn't disappoint! Anna develops in personality as we read further into the book. I felt that i knew why she did some of her actions because we can relate to her and the situation she is in. It definitely portrayed that feeling you get when love takes over.

From the start of the book and throughout we get to read from the perspective of this person who is having dark thoughts, and from the use of language we know this person is going to be involved in Anna's life somehow. I really enjoyed the mystery of it and how my mind kept changing to who i thought this person was.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it was nice to have a change from the usual love stories!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is a novel which is relaxing to read yet offers an engaging story of one student's life. We follow Cath on her journey from leaving home through to learning about what life is like away from what she knows, learning how to live outside a world of fan fiction. 

The idea of fan fiction being involved with the book is successful. Having never read (or even heard) of fan fiction myself i feel that Rainbow Rowell has really captured the elements of what it is about and the meaning of writing to carry on the other worlds loved by many people. The way Rowell has portrayed Cath as an enthusiast when it comes to writing fan fiction really gives you that first impression of her as a nerd, which throughout the book she remains, however i feel that by the end of the book she really opened up. We get to see the life of this character as she struggles through finding independence and becoming her own person.

The story overall is really relaxing and enjoying to read. The characters have been created to portray their own personality, which i think makes it even more engaging because there is a variety of characters to interact with. 

Nice structure, engaging story and independent characters is what you can expect from this book, as well as an urge to write fan fiction!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Between by Jessica Warman

A mystery novel surrounding the themes of family, friendship and the meaning of what's right and what's wrong.

The structure of the story is a mixture between the present and the past. At first my opinion on this was that i'd rather know what was happening at the present rather than skipping back to the past. However i came to like the idea because it gives us a better understanding of who Liz is while providing us with useful information. 

Liz Valchar is a popular student with money to spend on anything. As the story unfolds we learn of who she is and events that have unfolded from her actions. She has been portrayed with a snooty attitude, someone who gets her own way, and at one point she becomes a character who bullies. For me, i didn't like her. She was this typical high school girl who is popular with her group of friends and known by everyone else, but not necessarily liked by everyone else. You have to read the book to figure out your own opinion of her, but by the end there is understanding and knowledge of who she has become. Almost like her life is an open book for her to view her wrongs and understand what is right.