Friday, 28 December 2012

#2 Vortex by Julie Cross

Definitely an engaging book that will have you wanting more.

We follow Jackson in his new life as a CIA, meeting new characters therefore new personalities that add twists and emotion to the story. Julie Cross has captured the idea of time travel descriptively and I think she is effective in creating a real world. However, I did come across parts in the book that had me a little confused as to what was going on. Whether that was because the story itself was complicated, which maybe Cross intended for it to be this way, or because I just didn’t understand properly. Either way, the plot of the story is a fascinating one and this confusion did not ruin it for me at all.

In Vortex we learn a lot of information at the same time as Jackson, so this makes the reader feel involved. It also allows the reader to learn this information and start questioning and guessing what things mean.

One of the main focuses in the book is Jackson’s love for Holly. In Tempest we read a bout the start of their relationship and all the struggles that came with being a time traveler. In Vortex, Cross has kept the reader reminded of this throughout the book, making us feel emotions towards Jackson as we feel his hurt. I like how Cross has done this because she was not afraid to create a male character that truthfully describes his emotions, making the reader feel the love he has.

The second book in the series doesn’t fail to impress. A definite must read for all time travel, action, adventure, and romance fans.

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