Monday, 7 February 2011

#1 Exodus by Julie Bertagna

Julie Bertagna has descriptively created vivid images in the reader’s mind about a world that could be our future.

The story is slowly brought together by events that the main character, Mara, experiences. I believe that readers may feel a connection to Mara as Bertagna has portrayed different emotions through the use of powerful words, and from this we can feel the pain and fear of the characters as if it was our own. However, throughout the book we read how Mara has to change to become a person the world believes her to be. Mara is a character who is confident and brave, but doesn’t realize, as she believes herself to be selfish. This explains a lot about who a person thinks they are, and in Mara’s case, we read that she doesn’t believe in herself and that she’s not the person everyone wants her to be.

Bertagna has also related the beginning of her book to that of Lewis Carrolls’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The similarities are that the books contain a new world for the reader, with different people and languages that are conveyed from this world. Then the character Gorbals is first introduced to us by acting like the white rabbit as he is late and is in a rush. Bertagna could have done this to capture the strangeness of this other world that Mara has entered and to portray to the readers how life has changed.

Altogether a lovely story about finding who you are through love, loss, friendship, fear and confidence.

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