Tuesday, 28 December 2010

#1 The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver

From the first chapter you will be gripped by the use of unique characters and action that takes place. Throughout the book we gain insight into a whole other world that involves demons, loveable characters and exciting adventures!

Jana Oliver has introduced us to the book by going straight into the action, while at the same time giving us more knowledge of the world of Trappers. I love the way she has done this because she hasn’t made a big introduction in paragraphs that explains to us what the Trappers are about, instead she has done this throughout the book. Oliver has described this world of demons exquisitely that you become involved so much it seems realistic.

One of my favourite things about the main character, Riley, is that Oliver has created her to be like any other teenage girl, and she doesn’t realize how special she is. She is portrayed as a strong character, which I think other girls could relate to. Also, at certain parts in the book we learn about Riley’s past which is effective in giving us a better understanding of who this character is.

The Demon Trapper: Forsaken is surprisingly funny and so gripping you get lost in a whole other world This book is a must read by all people who love cocky/unique characters, little romance and lots of action!

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