Monday, 25 July 2011

#6 The Immortals: Everlasting by Alyson Noël

Everlasting is the last book in The Immortal series and it has not disappointed. Alyson Noël has captured her audience through events that have been thoroughly described so that the reader can create a vivid image in their minds.

The two main characters, Ever and Damen, have been portrayed with such great personalities that the reader can tell that these two characters are meant to be together because they just fit so perfectly. However keeping with reality, Noël has also conveyed debate and disagreement between the characters like any other couple. Although, one of my favourite things about this book is how Ever develops in her personality. At the beginning of the series she is unsure of herself and her destiny, but throughout this book she begins to blossom into a person that is unselfish and determined, as she starts to believe in herself.

Everlasting is crammed full of adventure, destiny, friendship and most importantly love. I believe that Noël has perfected this book by creating tension, mystery and indecisiveness amongst the characters.

Following Ever and Damen through this series has been one of my best adventures, and I couldn’t be happier with the ending. Alyson Noël is a true inspiration to everyone.

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