Sunday, 20 May 2012

What's Up With Jody Barton by Hayley Long

When i first saw this book it wasn't one i would usually pick up and read, however i have enjoyed reading this book and was surprised with the layout. I haven't read one of Hayley Longs books before so i didn't know what type of writer she is, and i must say i like how she creates her stories.

She uses illustrations to go along with the text in the book and i really like how she has done this because it is effective in making it more interesting, eye catching and keeps the reader wanting to be involved. I also like how she has cleverly sized her texts differently depending on what the character is trying to get across, for instance if there is whispering or muttering she will make the text size small, if someone is speaking loudly she will make the text size large.

Moving onto the main character, Jody, without giving too much away all i can say is that Long has cleverly portrayed this character in a certain way that tricks the reader. In my opinion i really admire the whole plot of the story and think it is a great thing to write about with such a twist. Various people may be able to relate to this book, and if so i'd like to think it helps them in some way because this is a strong book written carefully and thoughtfully.

A great quick read book that keeps you interested throughout!

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