Sunday, 24 February 2013

#1 Unremembered by Jessica Brody

A very exciting, energetic novel that kept me engaged throughout.

A definite must read for fans of action, adventure, mystery and secrets, Jessica Brody has captured all these aspects cleverly and expertly to present an unforgettable story that leaves you wanting more and more. The main Character, Sera, is portrayed like a newborn, not knowing much about anything in the modern world, but we soon learn that she’s not as fragile as she may seem as we see a strong and confident side to her.

Throughout the book we follow Sera through her difficulties with being an amnesiac and the revelation of secrets that we are as keen to find out as Sera. I admire the way Brody has wrote the book because I found myself asking questions to different revelations, which are then question in the book through Sera. For me this says that Brody has thought about the types of questions readers will be asking, therefore relating to her readers and making the story more realistic.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, as the story is realistic making it bearable and readable. Just wish the next book was out already!

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