Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is a novel which is relaxing to read yet offers an engaging story of one student's life. We follow Cath on her journey from leaving home through to learning about what life is like away from what she knows, learning how to live outside a world of fan fiction. 

The idea of fan fiction being involved with the book is successful. Having never read (or even heard) of fan fiction myself i feel that Rainbow Rowell has really captured the elements of what it is about and the meaning of writing to carry on the other worlds loved by many people. The way Rowell has portrayed Cath as an enthusiast when it comes to writing fan fiction really gives you that first impression of her as a nerd, which throughout the book she remains, however i feel that by the end of the book she really opened up. We get to see the life of this character as she struggles through finding independence and becoming her own person.

The story overall is really relaxing and enjoying to read. The characters have been created to portray their own personality, which i think makes it even more engaging because there is a variety of characters to interact with. 

Nice structure, engaging story and independent characters is what you can expect from this book, as well as an urge to write fan fiction!

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