Wednesday, 12 February 2014

#4 The Soul Seeker: Horizon by Alyson Noel

Horizon is the last book in the series by Alyson Noel and it has nicely concluded an engaging story.

Following Daire and friends we read as she begins her final battle with the Richter family, exploding into a world of spirit animals, family, duty and strength. Noel has successfully brought together the elements of the series to conclude a story based strongly around love through portrayal of each of the characters actions and thoughts.

The book itself seems slightly rushed in places and not followed through properly, as if Noel has written it to include all the characters in the plot somehow. Whereas in other areas, mostly the ending, i felt like it went on a bit and could have ended nicely a few pages back.

Overall an enjoyable read and kept me engaged to find out how it would all conclude. Another creative series successfully written by Alyson Noel.

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